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Difference Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics

Difference Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics   var aax_size=’300×250′; var aax_pubname = ‘1230005-21′; var aax_src=’302’; Advertisements

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Implementation Best Practices in Web Analytics (Javascript Tags)

Here are some implementation best practices, in no apparent order of importance…. # 1: Tag all your pages. # 2: Tags go last (customers come first :). # 3: Tags should be inline. # 4: What’s your unique page definition? … Continue reading

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Difference Between Old adnd New SEO SMO Process in 2014

On Page SEO – Old Process On Page SEO – New Process Traffic and Ranking User Engagement & Brand Exposure Aiming for more traffic and higher rankings Aiming for bigger user engagement and brand exposure. focusing on organic traffic from … Continue reading

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Humming Bird, 2014 update

Humming Bird focusing more on ‘semantic search’, which means search by queries/context in totality, and not just by keywords alone. So this in simple words means users get what they want in the form of answers.

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Industry: e-commerce Top keyword and Meta title for pages

Website: 10 Keyword:Online Shopping India, Online Store, Online Shopping sites in India, Clothing’s,  bags, Accessories, suits, kurta, Women Online Shopping, men Online Shopping, watches, Fragrances   Meta Tag:  50-60 characters of a title tag 3.       Optimal Format for writing a Meta tag: Primary Keyword … Continue reading

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Industry: E-commerce Technical SEO Parameters

Parameters   Redirect: Not able to see URL Structure:Primary keyword is available in every URL Mark: 2 Variable Parameters:variable URlmark: 2 Canonicalization: Not able to find XML Sitemaps: Score is 0/100 No Sitemap is available for [] Mark:5 Navigation: Navigation is so … Continue reading

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Structure of Google as a Search Engine

Google search is well-known web search engine. It is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. Its provide information on the basis on search user’s query/ terms. How search engine work: Google search engine operator’s works on the … Continue reading

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All the Commands that we can use on Google Search

The following lists the search operators that work with google search services. 1. cache: Show last time crawler visited the website/webpage 2. link: List pages which link to a page 3. related: List pages which Google consider to be related … Continue reading

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With the help of three operators, How to compare competitor company.

With the help of cache Site and link I have compared three online shopping website. Industry Type :  E-commerce Operators Jabong Myntra Snapdeal Cache:   10 July 2014, 11:14:40 GMT 10, July 2014, 07:31 GMT 8th July 2014, 13:30 GMT … Continue reading

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What is a Redirect? And 301 (Permanently) and 302 Temporarily Redirect.

A redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested. Below are descriptions of some of the commonly used types of redirects. When to use redirects a page: … Continue reading

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