Industry: E-commerce Technical SEO Parameters



  1. Redirect: Not able to see
  2. URL Structure:Primary keyword is available in every URL Mark: 2
  3. Variable Parameters:variable URlmark: 2
  4. Canonicalization: Not able to find
  5. XML Sitemaps: Score is 0/100 No Sitemap is available for [] Mark:5
  6. Navigation: Navigation is so structure its great way to help user identify where they are located Mark:4
  7. CMS & Website templates: Website template is good and attractive Mark: 3
  1. Image & Rich Media: image description is not available  images take time to uploaded Mark- 3



  1. Code Optimization/javascript/CSS:Jabong use external CSS and JavaScript , but some of the pages they use internal JavaScript also used, Mark: 3

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I am Manisha Nande,+7 years of experience in online Marketing. knowledge on digital marketing process including SEO, keyword search & development, online media, lead generation, trade show, and online advertising / email marketing. An ardent blogger on Social Media Marketing
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