Structure of Google as a Search Engine

Google search is well-known web search engine. It is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. Its provide information on the basis on search user’s query/ terms.

How search engine work:

Google search engine operator’s works on the basis of key three following order.

  • Web crawling,
  • Indexing and
  • Ranking

Google Search engine work by storing information about many webpages of websites.

When user insert any query on search box web crawler (The program that does the fetching is called Google bot/ Spider)crawl the every webpages of website. Website’s sitemaps both HTML and XML help search engine to navigate the site that are stored in a database of google index.

Indexing is the process by which google extracted the pages in their database on the bases of title tag, meta tag, heading of page and rank most relevant & unique content which is closer to search query and return a listing of best matching web pages according to its algorithm in a friction of section to the user.

Relevancy of web page in Google SERP is determined by over 200 factors,

Google one of the algorithm called PageRank that determines page ranking based on the incoming links from other pages, position and repetition of keywords within the Web page and how long the web page has existed

Google works hard to improve the user experience by accurate and relevant information.



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