What Is The Major Difference Between Social Networking Sites And Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social networking and social media optimization are more or less similar and complimentary. Social networking is increasing your contacts through social networking sites thereby creating a chain of contacts through which you drive visitors to your site and promote your business.

Social Networking: A social network is a social structure made of nodes (which are generally individuals or organizations) that are tied by one or more specific types of relations, such as values, visions, idea, financial exchange, and friends etc. or Social networking is a marketing strategy where you can add friends and to join a group. Of course joining online community considered as a networking site also

Social networking refers to sites like Facebook, Myspace, and twitter. Where groups of users visit the sites mostly to meet and stay in touch with friends and family.

Social Media: Social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and media themselves. They are works of user generated video, audio, text or multimedia that are published and shared in a social environment such as a blog, wiki, or a video hosting website.

Social media refers to sites like YouTube or flicker. Where groups of users share media content… ie video, audio, or pictures.

Social Bookmarking: As the term denotes, bookmarking is nothing but storing our favourites at a particular place so that it is easy for us to look for the required information rather than waste our time searching for it. Social bookmarking is used by internet users to save & organize their favourite sites. In another word it is tagging a website and saving it for later. Instead of saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to the web. And, because your bookmarks are online, you can easily share them with friends.

I use a social bookmarking site to keep my commonly used sites as bookmarked so that I can get them when I am out of home and using other PC; but if I would bookmarked them in my PC browser them I would not get them beyond my PC. Social networks, however, keep me connected with my friends and give me accompany when I am alone.

Social bookmarking refers to sites like “delicious”.


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