Internet MarketingSEO (search engine optimization) is the powerful way to improve ranking of your site on leading search engines. Search Engine Optimization is mainly goes through two phases: On -page optimization and off- page optimization.

On-page factors:

On page factors basically include the text and content on your web site pages. These contents and text acts as the foundation for the further SEO process, therefore these require extra efforts so that the search engine can find your webpage when searching for your web sites for a particular keyword. Some on-page factors are described here:

• Web page urls of the site should be Search engine friendly .urls of the inner pages of the site should be followed by the domain and then describing the content.

• Optimization of all the Meta tags mainly title, keywords and description.

• Internal linking among the pages of the site.

• Formation of sitemap to get all your web pages indexed by search engines

• Good quality content should be included. Content should be keyword rich as well as providing information which is relevant and inspiring.

• Html code should be free from errors and warnings

We should take care of some on-page factors:

Avoid hidden link or text:  Hidden or invisible text should not be used for getting ranking on search engines. The use of font color similar to the background color must be avoided, it affects search engine rankings.

Prevent cloaking mechanisms: Two different versions of the site i.e. one for the search engines and a completely different page to real users, should not be used.   Duplicate content: The contents should be unique, original and useful .The duplicate contents should not be used.

Off page factors

Some of the off page factors are described here:

• Relevant anchor text in the links should be used wherever required.

• Building quality links for link building.

• Link popularity can be achieved by using social networking sites, log commenting,  article/press release promotions, directory submissions, link baiting,  classified ads posting, link exchange with relevant sites etc.

On page and off page factors are two different aspects of Search Engine Optimization which helps in getting quality traffic as well as better search engine ranking to your site .


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I am Manisha Nande,+7 years of experience in online Marketing. knowledge on digital marketing process including SEO, keyword search & development, online media, lead generation, trade show, and online advertising / email marketing. An ardent blogger on Social Media Marketing
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