Facebook Profile or Fan Page — Which Should I Use for My Business?


Since then, there’s been a lot of confusion about whether businesses should use:

  1. a Fan Page, or
  2. a Profile

If I’m a business owner, which should I use — a Profile or a Page?

Hopefully the answer to this question will be clear after I discuss the following:

  • the differences between Profiles & Pages
  • the Pros & Cons of using each for busines

So let’s begin.

Profile or Fan Page: What’s the Difference?

Each person on Facebook — each living, breathing human being — is allowed to have ONE Profile.

Your Profile:

  1. can be accessed via an account with login information
  2. has a single “personal Timeline”
  3. can be used to manage multiple Pages, Apps, Ad accounts etc. inside of Facebook


Facebook Profiles:

  • for individual, non-commercial use
  • represents an individual person & must be held under an individual name
  • can be friended
  • can be followed — to see public updates in News Feed

Facebook Pages:

  • look similar to Profiles, but offer unique tools for connecting people to topics they care about, like a business, brand, organization or celebrity
  • managed by admins who have Profiles — Pages are not separate Facebook accounts & do not have separate login information from a Profile
  • provide insights to help admins understand how people are interacting with the Page
  • can be Liked — to see updates in News Fee.

So what are the Pros & Cons of each?


  • Profiles are optimized for individual people to connect & interact with friends & followers
  • Pages are optimized for artists, businesses & brands to showcase their work & interact with fans


  • Profiles can have a max of 5000 friends & an unlimited number of followers
  • Pages can have an unlimited number of fans


  • Profiles can send unlimited private messages to “friends”
  • Pages can send private messages to fans — but only after the fan has sent the first message


  • Profiles are limited to one per person
  • Pages are unlimited — you can admin as many pages as you want


  • Profiles cannot have biz & marketing apps installed on them
  • Pages come pre-installed with custom functionality designed for their category — developers also build a huge array of 3rd-party apps for admins to add to their Pages

Lead Capture:

  • Profiles don’t allow apps for lead capture
  • Pages allow you to create custom apps to gather email leads for marketing outside of Facebook


  • Profiles can be tagged (by friends) but not checked in to
  • Pages can be checked in to (if a local business) — alerting friends of the person checking in that they’re at your business

Direct Calling:

  • Profiles cannot be called from Facebook mobile app
  • Pages can be called directly from the Facebook mobile app — when a fan visits your page

Facebook ads:

  • Profiles can only “boost” a post for $6.99 — and that’s it (no targeting)
  • Pages can run hyper-targeted ads to get traffic, emails, Likes, etc.

Post Scheduling:

  • Profiles cannot schedule future posts (unless you’re using a 3rd party app like Post Planner, of course)
  • Pages can schedule future posts


  • Profiles do not have access to stats on posts, friends & friend demographics, etc.
  • Pages can access a huge array of stats on posts, fans & fan demographics, etc.

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I am Manisha Nande,+7 years of experience in online Marketing. knowledge on digital marketing process including SEO, keyword search & development, online media, lead generation, trade show, and online advertising / email marketing. An ardent blogger on Social Media Marketing
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