About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
In the simplest of terms, digital marketing is promoting products, brands or services through one or more types of electronic media. One of the biggest advantages to using digital marketing over more traditional forms of marketing is that marketing campaigns can be analysed in real time to see what is working and not working.

The Difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing
Internet marketing is a form of digital marketing and they are not synonymous. Internet marketing does incorporate the use of many digital channels such as SEO, advertising or email marketing. But digital marketing goes past what just the Internet can provide and includes many other digital or electronic devices.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?
One of the biggest advantages to using digital marketing strategies is that consumers are afforded access to the information 24/7. More and more consumers are turning to digital channels to obtain all types of information about products and services. Via today’s web resources, important information about your business is in front of consumers when it is convenient for them. Another great advantage is that your information is shareable through various digital media resources. Not only are consumers exposed to what you have to say about your company, brand or products, they are also exposed to what their peers, friends, relatives and other media sources are sharing. Consumers want to do business with brands that are reputable and trustworthy and digital communications help them see you as an expert in your field.


About Manisha_Nande@marketeer

I am Manisha Nande,+7 years of experience in online Marketing. knowledge on digital marketing process including SEO, keyword search & development, online media, lead generation, trade show, and online advertising / email marketing. An ardent blogger on Social Media Marketing
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