Difference Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics

Difference Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics

Difference Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics


var aax_size=’300×250′;
var aax_pubname = ‘1230005-21′;
var aax_src=’302’;


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Implementation Best Practices in Web Analytics (Javascript Tags)

Here are some implementation best practices, in no apparent order of importance….

# 1: Tag all your pages.

# 2: Tags go last (customers come first :).

# 3: Tags should be inline.

# 4: What’s your unique page definition?

# 5: Use cookies intelligently (they are delicious).

# 6: Javascript wrapped links might be a issue.

# 7: Redirects, be aware of them.

# 8: Validate data is being captured correctly.

# 9: Don’t forget Flash, Flex, RIA, RSS, Videos etc.

More information at http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/web-analytics-technical-implementation-best-practices-javascript-tags/

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Difference Between Old adnd New SEO SMO Process in 2014

On Page SEO – Old Process On Page SEO – New Process
Traffic and Ranking User Engagement & Brand Exposure
Aiming for more traffic and higher rankings Aiming for bigger user engagement and brand exposure.
focusing on organic traffic from search engines focusing on social media and referral traffic from various websites
Creating titles and headlines for keywords Creating a catchy headlines and engaging content
Focusing on exact match anchor text Focusing on keyword diversity
Competing solely in search engines Competing in industry related blogs
Writing your own blog
Managing social media in terms of content publication
Avoiding personal exposure Being the face of the brand and using authorship markup
OFF Page SEO – Old Process OFF Page SEO – New Process
Adding websites to directories manually High quality guest blogging in industry trusted sites
Buying Links
Participating in link exchange programs
Scoring Backlinks Establishing relations
Link for link exchange link without any conditions
Offering a link regardless to whether you receive a backlink
Results thanks to technical method results thanks to content creation
Results are generated based on technical methods Results are achieved by putting time in content creation
Short term efforts long term strategy
Focusing on here and now. Operating in an accordance with long term strategy
Short term actions aimed to trick search engines
Old Process New Process
Focusing on keywords Using #Tags
Content Distribution Communication
Publishing content via social media using social media for communication around content
Article submission sites Viral exposure
Getting exposure based on article submission sites Getting viral exposure thanks to great content and people who share it
Commentings for backlinks Participating in community
Interaction and commenting within community for backlinks Sharing the experience
Helping people with the problems they encounter
Building relations and personal authroity


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Humming Bird, 2014 update

Humming Bird focusing more on ‘semantic search’, which means search by queries/context in totality, and not just by keywords alone. So this in simple words means users get what they want in the form of answers.

Digital Manisha- Humming bird

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Industry: e-commerce Top keyword and Meta title for pages

Website: http://www.jabong.com

  1. 10 Keyword:Online Shopping India, Online Store, Online Shopping sites in India, Clothing’s,  bags, Accessories, suits, kurta, Women Online Shopping, men Online Shopping, watches, Fragrances


  1. Meta Tag:  50-60 characters of a title tag
3.       Optimal Format for writing a Meta tag:
Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
4.       Page:


1 page: title:  http://www.jabong.com/

<title>Online Shopping India: Shoes, Clothing, Bags, Watches Online in India | Jabong</title>

2 page:http://www.jabong.com/women/?source=topnav

<title>Women Online Shopping:  Clothing, Kurta, Accessories, Bags, Online in India | Jabong</title>

3 page:http://www.jabong.com/men/?source=topnav

<title>Men Online Shopping – Shoes, Apparels, , Fragrances, Watches Online in India | Jabong</title>

4 page:http://www.jabong.com/brands/?source=topnav

<Title>Brands, all brands of women, all brands of men, A-Z all category brands | jabong</title>

5 page:http://www.jabong.com/rohit-bal-shop-online/?source=topnav

<title> all designer collection, designer suits, designer saries| jabong</title>

6 page:http://www.jabong.com/online-sale/?source=topnav

<title>Official Coupons, Online Sale, Discount, special offers, seasonal discount | jabong</title>

7 page:http://www.jabong.com/2014-football-world-cup/?source=topnav/

<title> – sport item, Shop Football Apparels, Shoes, Bags Online, sport item | jabong</title>

8 page:http://www.jabong.com/home-furniture/?source=topnav

<title>Home Decor Items – Buy Furniture, curtains, cushions covers  Online in India| jabong</title>

9 page:http://www.jabong.com/kids/?source=topnav

<title>Kids Online Shopping – Buy Children’s toys, Clothing, all kids brands | jabong</title>

10 page:http://www.jabong.com/fresh-arrivals/?source=topnav

<title>Fresh Arrivals, new arrivals | jabong</title>


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Industry: E-commerce Technical SEO Parameters



  1. Redirect: Not able to see
  2. URL Structure:Primary keyword is available in every URL Mark: 2
  3. Variable Parameters:variable URlmark: 2
  4. Canonicalization: Not able to find
  5. XML Sitemaps: Score is 0/100 No Sitemap is available for [http://www.jabong.com/] Mark:5
  6. Navigation: Navigation is so structure its great way to help user identify where they are located Mark:4
  7. CMS & Website templates: Website template is good and attractive Mark: 3
  1. Image & Rich Media: image description is not available  images take time to uploaded Mark- 3



  1. Code Optimization/javascript/CSS:Jabong use external CSS and JavaScript , but some of the pages they use internal JavaScript also used, Mark: 3
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Structure of Google as a Search Engine

Google search is well-known web search engine. It is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. Its provide information on the basis on search user’s query/ terms.

How search engine work:

Google search engine operator’s works on the basis of key three following order.

  • Web crawling,
  • Indexing and
  • Ranking

Google Search engine work by storing information about many webpages of websites.

When user insert any query on search box web crawler (The program that does the fetching is called Google bot/ Spider)crawl the every webpages of website. Website’s sitemaps both HTML and XML help search engine to navigate the site that are stored in a database of google index.

Indexing is the process by which google extracted the pages in their database on the bases of title tag, meta tag, heading of page and rank most relevant & unique content which is closer to search query and return a listing of best matching web pages according to its algorithm in a friction of section to the user.

Relevancy of web page in Google SERP is determined by over 200 factors,

Google one of the algorithm called PageRank that determines page ranking based on the incoming links from other pages, position and repetition of keywords within the Web page and how long the web page has existed

Google works hard to improve the user experience by accurate and relevant information.


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All the Commands that we can use on Google Search

The following lists the search operators that work with google search services.

1. cache: Show last time crawler visited the website/webpage

2. link: List pages which link to a page

3. related: List pages which Google consider to be related to another

4. info: Find one specific URL in the search database

5. define: Show Google’s glossary definition for a term

6. stocks: Show American stock market information for a given ticker symbol

7. site: Restrict a search to a single site

8. allintitle: Restrict a search so that all the keywords must appear in the title

9. intitle: Restrict a search so that some of the keywords must appear in the title

10. allintext: Restrict a search so that all of the keywords must appear in the body text

11. allinurl: Restrict a search so that all of the keywords must appear in the page address

12. inurl: Restrict a search so that some keywords must appear in the page address

13. OR ist pages which have at least some of the keywords 1

4. + Insist that the search engine includes a given keyword in the search results

15. Insist that the search engine omits pages which match a given keyword in the search results

16. ~ Enhance a search to include synonyms for a given keyword

17. Include a wildcard match in your search results

18. [#]…[#]: Search a range of numbers as a keyword

19. daterange:Restrict a search to any timeframe

20. “”Restrict a search so that the keywords must appear consecutively in a phrase

21. date:Restrict a search to a recent timeframe

22. safesearch:Restrict a search to exclude adult-content

23. filetype:Restrict a search to a given type of file


More information about Google’s search commands Please visit Google search commands page.


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With the help of three operators, How to compare competitor company.

With the help of cache Site and link I have compared three online shopping website.

Industry Type :  E-commerce

Operators Jabong Myntra Snapdeal


10 July 2014, 11:14:40 GMT 10, July 2014, 07:31 GMT 8th July 2014, 13:30 GMT


About 11,90,000 results About 11,30,000 results About 20,10,000 result


About 7,93,000 results About 8,60,000 results About 12,60,000 results

images (1)


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What is a Redirect? And 301 (Permanently) and 302 Temporarily Redirect.

Manisha Nande 301-redirect-302-redirect

A redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested. Below are descriptions of some of the commonly used types of redirects.

When to use redirects a page:
• The URL is broken or it doesn’t work
• The permalink structure of your URLs have changed across the website
• The website is moved to a new domain
• The webpage/site is no longer active
• You have a new webpage/site that you want people to visit instead of the old one
• You’re A/B testing a new webpage in terms of design or functionality
• You’re fixing a webpage and you want to temporarily make a detour for your users for continual website experience
• You want your users to make the best pancakes

Types of Redirect: 301 and 302

301 Moved Permanently:
A 301 redirect, or also known as a permanent (that ALL qualities of page) redirect, 301 redirect is used to report to search engines or browsers that the visited page is permanently moved to another address/ new location.

By using a 301 redirect the ranking of your old page will be transferred to new page.
Incoming links will also transferred to the new site and search engines will index the website content.

The 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website. Permanently redirect includes all SEO link like PageRank, Page Authority, and Traffic Value.

The old page will be removed from Google’s index and the new one will replace it.

302 / Moved Temporarily:
A 302 redirect, or also known as a temporary redirect, A 302 redirect says that you’ve moved a page or domain but only temporarily and the original page will come back after some time. , the 302 redirect will not pass on all qualities or SEO link of the redirected page to the alternative route page

With a 302 redirect, you will continue to get the traffic from people who have bookmarked you page or find it via a link in social media

And when someone tries to get to the old page via a search engine, They will get to the new page so you will lose all your traffic and you will not get the SEO benefit of the link equity that you built for old page in new page.

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